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Yesterday I had a phone consultation appointment with a client who lives in the midwest. I have been treating one of her cats since July 2009. It has been a great frustration and sorrow for me as Queen Rose “Smith” had severe symptoms that included severe pain that was poorly responsive to any treatment. It turns out she is likely a victim of the Wellness pet food thiamine deficiency. Thiamine is a member of the B vitamin complex. The deficiency disease is called Beriberi, still a common disease of impoverished countries, but not here in North America! After several months (and a significant financial investment with all her vets) Queen Rose was “cured” within days of starting vitamin B complex injections. Wow. This is yet another example of why I recommend variety as one of my primary dietary guidelines. Variety is so very important – in brands of commercial foods, in flavors within a brand, in types of meats and veggies in home prepared diets. Had Queen Rose’s family been able to implement this simple principle from our very first appointment she would likely have responded very quickly. Severe oral pain and anorexia prevented any change in diet at that time. We wrongly trusted her Wellness brand diet to provide adequate nutrition for a curative response to my homeopathic treatment. Brief info on this recall and other current food recalls are listed on the AVMA website and can be viewed at https://www.avma.org/petfoodsafety/recalls/2011/default.asp. Note that the “best by” expiration-type dates listed at this site may not be accurate. This thoughtful client has been feeding Wellness almost exclusively for years to a very large, closed population of cats as she is a wonderful, big-hearted rescuer providing superb care to her crew. She has been experiencing severe problems in several individuals over several years. It has cost thousands of dollars. Many of her loved ones have improved relatively instantly with the supplemental B vitamin injections. So, the problem may be worse than Wellness knows, or worse than they are willing to admit. This is an enormous problem. More to come…
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