Holistic veterinary care is not the same experience as a visit to a conventional vet.  Dr. Michele Yasson is able to provide a significant amount of care to pets via phone consultations with their owners.  Ideally you will bring your pet to the office every two or three appointments, but we have a number of clients who cannot do so but still have happy, healthy pets under Dr. Yasson’s care.

Your intake interview with Dr. Michele Yasson will cover not only your pet’s current complaints and health history, but his or her likes and dislikes, personality traits and routine as well.

Your orientation to the philosophy of HolVet may include information found around this site, if you’re not already familiar with the information here.

Your pet’s treatment plan may include homeopathic remedies, herbal treatments, acupuncture, and different training, as well as diet and exercise recommendations.

Your responsibility for your pet’s health may include careful observations about behavior, food preparation, and picture-taking.