College: Rutgers University

Medical school: University of Missouri – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Professional organizations: Founding member AVH (Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy), AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association),  IVAS (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society), NCH (National Center for Homeopathy)
Dr. Yasson was one of the early students of noted veterinary homeopath Dr. Richard Pitcairn, and has lectured on his behalf. She is considered a pioneering elder in the field of holistic veterinary medicine.

Dr. Yasson has been featured in various media – numerous books, expos and conferences, newspaper and magazine stories, radio and television programs.

Using a holistic approach, she has had remarkable success treating cancer, diabetes, behavioral problems, and many other chronic disease issues, mostly considered incurable.

Her practice strikes a balanced approach between conventional and alternative therapies, evaluating each pet as an individual.

She is a successful Ironman triathlete, having completed several, her first Ironman in 2007.