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Nine out of ten cats and dogs get suboptimal nutrition.  I created FirstScript™ multivitamin to improve health in dogs and cats.  They are pet nutritional supplements that support health and wellness.  They come in a delicious, loose powder form so you can pay for active ingredients and not for tablet binders or encapsulation!

I formulated FirstScript™  because I couldn’t find a dog or cat multivitamin with more than trace amounts of active ingredients that actually made a visable difference.  I used my holistic veterinary experience and my years as a pet lover and keen observer to find the correct nutritional formula that was easy to use.

Things I’ve seen when my patients use FirstScript™ multivitamin:

  • Kidney Failure and Cancer patients start eating and gain weight again (it is a part of every cancer treatment).
  • Diabetic patients’ blood sugar decrease by as much as 30-40%.
  • Hospice patients find the strength to get out of bed.
  • Less severely ill pets become strong, energetic, and develop beautiful coats.
  • Pets become less irritable and start playing again, or become more affectionate.
If you’re interested in a trial size of one of our VetScripts™ pet vitamins call us at the office, 845.338.3300.  We take Visa and Mastercard and ship anywhere in the U.S.
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Meet the Doctor
Dr. Yasson has

been featured in various media – numerous books, expos and conferences, newspaper and magazine stories, radio and television programs.

Using a holistic approach, she has had remarkable success treating cancer, diabetes, behavioral problems, and many other chronic disease issues, mostly

considered incurable.

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