Dr. Yasson’s Philosophy

The HolVet Philosophy is simple:  it is better to cure disease and promote health and wellness in your dog or cat, than it is to just address or cover up symptoms as is done in conventional medicine.  My holistic, cure-basedTM approach to medicine is based on over twenty-five years of experience in the field with dogs, cats, and other animals.

I do this by focusing on three main areas:  nutrition, avoidance of over vaccination, and cure rather than cover up.  The links to the right will provide you more information on how I approach these important areas.

My main modalities for treatment are education(!), homeopathy, species appropriate diet, nutraceuticals/natural supplements, acupuncture, herbal therapies, and Neoplasene for cancer cases.  In addition, I rely on conventional diagnostics like laboratory tests, sonograms, radiographs, and MRIs when appropriate, and recommend conventional treatments as supportive care where indicated.