Raw Food Diet for Me

Three years ago, my wife Lauren snapped another branch of my conventional diet paradigm tree without even realizing it. She found a magazine article on the supermodel Carol Alt. It was about raw food diet for people. Carol Alt was sharing how her many health problems had greatly improved eating a “high raw” diet. High raw is rather arbitrarily defined as a diet consisting of 80% or higher raw foods. As Lauren was recounting the candid account of vanishing disease conditions I had an epiphany. An OMG, How-Could-I-Have-Missed-This-All-These-Years epiphany.

I had to go raw. For me, there was no choice not to. I had been preaching this for years for my patients! I had been going over the common sense philosophy of this diet with every new client for many years! Yet, it had never occurred to me to apply it to my own life. How could I have missed it? Oh sure, I always ate a great cooked food diet. Plenty of local, organic food. Low in all the problematic stuff – red meat, fats, refined sugars, and dairy. And, of course, I had near zero tolerance for the really toxic crap – artificial chemicals, colors and flavors, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, etc.

So I’ve been mostly raw, sometimes 50%, sometimes 100%, for the past three years. And soon I’ll be doing a juice feast. It will surely change my life, and how I practice veterinary medicine.

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Dr. Yasson has been featured in various media – numerous books, expos and conferences, newspaper and magazine stories, radio and television programs.

Using a holistic approach, she has had remarkable success treating cancer, diabetes, behavioral problems, and many other chronic disease issues, mostly considered incurable.

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