Arden and Wonton – Two Canine Seizure Cases

I have just started two cases of seizures this week – Arden, a beautiful, bouncy, active, three yr old black lab, and Wonton, a sweet, mellow six yr old Pug. I am treating both by classical homeopathy, and the generous owners have agreed to allow me to blog the cases as they progress. It is a rare opportunity to witness the unfolding of a treatment of a serious and complicated problem.

It is a professional risk for me, I suppose, to commit to documenting my work as it happens, whether I succeed or fail. However, I have given these both these critters a good prognosis, so I am confident we will have some improvement. Also, while it is not legal or ethical to make guarantees in the field of medicine, I do, always, make just two guarantees to every client. One – professionally, I will give you my best. Two – personally, I will treat you like family. On these two counts I cannot fail.

The other aspect of such an open door dynamic, an online reality show if you will, is that even if there are challenging issues, setbacks, surprises, or troubles, there will be something to learn and that is one of my main two goals. The other is to inspire.

Homeopathy is not magic. It can’t cure every patient. However, it can cure many with conditions we conventionally label as “incurable”. When it does that, it surely will seem like magic to many. Of course, those diseases we call incurable are only those which we cannot resolve by standard, popular protocols.

It is interesting to note that both these dogs were diagnosed with Idiopathic Epilepsy. I will give a free phone consult appointment to the first responder to post the definition of idiopathic. Google it. It is very enlightening really. It is a blatant example of how the medical community gives fancy Latin descriptions to create fearful sounding medical jargon, and it can sometimes be quite meaningless, despite the professional and technical aura it creates.

Seizures are all too common in dogs. I was just filmed (do we say filmed anymore? …taped? …dvd’ed?) for CBS News. They are soon to release a series on holistic medicine. It will air nationwide. I’ll keep you posted on that date. The importance to this story is that they asked for two local, successful cases to film as part of the segment. One is a brain cancer, the other is a seizure case. It really hit me as I sat down to compile notes for this blog how horribly common are seizuring canines. It is a sad sign of the times. I want to change that.

Arden and Wonton have just had their first appointments. I will blog their intake with photos as soon as I get them. Let’s all wish them a smooth and successful journey.

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