Arden and Wonton – Two Canine Seizure Cases, part 4. Arden’s Good News

First follow up on Arden, the exuberant lab – 3.3.11

Arden is “doing beautifully” per her owner! She has had a remarkable, immediate behavioral response. Her owner, Mary, can see she is “more even tempered” and “a lot less hyper”! She is coming to call better when she is outdoors and giving up her stolen items (a favorite past time of hers) more readily. This alone is astonishing, that a personality that has been firmly in place for the lifetime of this dog has changed dramatically in one month! This alone is life changing for this dog and her family. What’s just as pleasing is the seizure report.

There have been none. It has been a total of 3 mos seizure free, including this last month on the start of her treatment with me. This is the longest amount of time Arden has had between seizures. Could it just be coincidence? Sure. She has had 3 consecutive months without seizures before. But it is also possibly a very good start to her road to cure. It is all the more likelywhen considered in context with the improvement in personality and the skin report. The itching/chewing of the paws and tail have stopped completely! Again, a severe lifelong problem resolved in a month! If you have followed the entire Arden/Wonton thread of blog posts you may recall that Wonton the pug had similar skin issues, and a similar, immediate improvement. Interestingly, Mary also reports that the coat texture has changed. The fur is softer to the touch. This is a common response to my treatment.

Do note that these improvements, at their current level, may not be permanent, yet. While the end result of a cured case will be the enjoyment of these improvements permanently, they may wax and wane over the course of treatment. That is why assessment of the progression of a chronic disease hp case is so difficult and best left to a well trained, experienced professional. It is too easy to react quickly to an improvement fading and want to switch remedies or quit altogether. Patience is a vital skill for a homeopath. And a homeopathic client!

Going forward – the supplements and diet are continued, and Thuja is given at a higher potency to stimulate her chemistry to rise to the next level of healthier function. A recheck is set for two months. I am so excited for Mary and Arden. This is such a great start.

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