Arden and Wonton – Two Canine Seizure Cases, part 2

Arden P.

Arden P. is a beautiful, happy, 3 yr old black lab – easy excited and restless in the office. Her photo is not quite ready, yet. I met her Jan 31st. I liked her immediately as she pounded my chest to greet me! She did a great job of self soothing by carrying and shaking a small dog bed that I have in the exam room. Her owner has done a fine job of working with her to redirect her energy. I’m so blessed to work with such wonderful clients.

Arden’s seizures are grand mals, 2 wks to 3 mos apart. A very unusual characteristic is that she does not lose consciousness completely. She is aware of her family around her and can be comforted by them during the seizure. They started in Dec of ’09.

Note, she was given routine annual vaccines 2 days after one of her seizures! This constitutes medical malpractice. No vaccine is tested or approved for use in individuals with any chronic disease. This is a very big issue with me. Most of the pets I treat have vaccine related damage. But that is a huge topic for a huge blog thread at another time. Suffice it to say, it was not in Arden’s best interest.

Also of interest as a homeopathic case, Arden used to eat clothing, once needing surgery to extract a sock that was obstructing her stomach! Can anyone relate? She has very itchy paws and tail, and a “yeast infection” that was suppressed with corticosteroids in ’08.

I assessed Arden as having vaccinosis (chronic postvaccinal disease), sub-optimal diet (a grain-based kibble), and a generalized yeast infection (not just in her ear, though that is where it showed up).

I always give two prognoses to my patients at the first appointment. For Arden, her prognosis for improvement is excellent. I have little doubt that we can make a difference in the quality of her life. Her prognosis for full cure is good. That means a better than 50% chance for full cure, which is defined as no seizures, no meds, and expires as an old lady from natural causes. After all, that is the job of all doctors – to get you to the point where you don’t need them anymore.

Her treatment started with a homeopathic drug for vaccinosis, Thuja occidentalis, in a potency high enough to stimulate a curative change in physiology without excessive aggravation. Aggravation is the phase of curative change where things look worse on their way to getting better. It is similar to the phase of an abscess coming to a head before erupting and draining, or a fever that spikes just before it breaks. Arden also received appropriate nutraceutical supplements, and started a grain-free diet.

Arden’s response to this first step in her treatment will be evaluated at her first follow up appt in early Feb. Let’s all wish her the best!

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