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Good Holistic Pet Health History

Whenever we get a new patient, we ask our client for "an account in your own words of your pet's condition and history."  Here is an excellent example of a pet health history.  Note that it gives the current state, the history in chronological order, and is concise (it is one page only!).  I life summary like this makes it much easier for me to see the whole picture and to be more efficient and more successful.  That means the patient gets better faster.  Want the best results for your pet?  Do the same with your report for your pet!

Brie:  Red/white Basset Hound, appx 12 years, spayed, last weight 11/29 52 lbs

Medical issue:  almost constant gas highly increased after meals.  Can press her like a bellows.  Legs, feet and ears get very cold during this.  Holding my hands on her stomach lightly helps.    While she has always been gassy, this has been going on for about 2-3 months and seems to be increasing in duration and discomfort.

  • Steps taken: Increased Percortin and pred as of 10/24/2007 - Addison's . Vet tech noticed cold feet and ears during this visit.
  • Switched food back from kibble/canned to raw as of 11/30
  • Add Pepcid AC 10 mg to each meal as of 11/30
  • Give 1-2 Gas-X pills to combat symptons as of 11/15

Current meds:  Percortin, 2 ml administered every 25 days, due 12/7.  Prednisolone, 5 mg daily as of 12/4 decreased to 2/5 mg.   Chinese herbs: Heart Assist, 2 pills each meal; Hip Guard, 2 pills each meal.


Joined Sherwin family 11/11/1998 appx 3 ½ years old from BROOD rescue (Basset Rescue of Old Dominion)

Very active escape artist and counter cruiser with chronic ear infections which probably pre-date us

Diagnosed 4/30/2001 (appx 6 years old) with Addison's disease after two different bloat episodes; has been treated with monthly Percortin shots and daily prednisolone.   2004-2005 added Dr. Wen's Addison's Disease herbal meds.  Reduced her Percortin dosage from 2 ml monthly to 1 ml monthly.  Also reduced her pred from 5 mg daily to 1.25 mg.  During recent move, began giving her ½ ml Percortin July, Aug, Sept due to error in calculation.  As of 10/24 increased Percortin to 2 ml and Pred to 5 mg and am beginning to reduce pred to 2.5 daily. 

Continuing ear infections led to total ablations in both ears 2002, AMC NY and Hampton Veterinary, Dr. Jiu Jia Wen

Heart murmur detected 2002-2004; on Heart Assist

Hip pain detected around then; on Hip Guard

Dry eyes detected 2006; gets triple antibiotic squiggle generally daily

Shots:  since dx with Addison's has not received vaccines

Monthly heartworm pills (Interceptor) and occasional flea/tick when absolutely necessary (Advantage)

Since 8/2000 has been on raw food diet with ground meat and bone and homemade veggie/fruit mix with supplements

Also gets unlimited cookies (Mother Hubbard, mix of upscale, dried liver treats), fruit, carrots, whatever we are eating for breakfast or supper. 

Overall activity:  until recently has been very active.  Romps with other dogs, up till June walked 1-2 miles per day, June-August walked ½ mile per day mostly hill climbing; since then mostly yard exercise but occasional 1 mile walks. 

Local Conventional Vet:

Dr. Rick XXX, XXX Animal Hospital, Southampton, NY XXX68, XXX-XXX-0611

Other family members:  Bob (spouse); Basset Hounds: Toby, 13 yo; Molly, 11 yo; Maggie, appx 7 yo; Baby Ruth, 3 yo  Beagle Mell, appx 8 yo; Australian Terrier Corkie, 7 yo.

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