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Uniquely Wonderful. Dr Michele is pet lover and a people lover.  Very positive, and instills great confidence, and is very calming in crises.  She goes the extra mile for her patients and has a great sense of humor, too.  She makes two guarantees to every client – 1. She will give you her best.  2. She will treat you like family.   She also provides a holistic nutritional coaching program for people at no charge, and provides free information about alternative care for their own health concerns.

***Experience. Dr Michele Yasson has been holistic since 1987 and is considered an elder in her field.  She was voted Top Three in the field of veterinary homeopathy by her peers.  She practices with homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal therapies, nutraceuticals or natural supplements, vitamin therapy, clinical nutrition and natural diet.

Medicine is a Service Profession. This is what Dr Michele believes.  She never dictates what the client must do.  She educates and presents options for the client to chose, and then supports their decision.  Often she says, “Medicine is a service profession.  I am here to serve you and your pet,” and, “The word doctor comes from the Latin ‘docere’ which means to teach.”

Empowerment and Education. Dr Michele spends a great deal of time explaining about diet, vaccines, the nature of cure, and the specifics of your pet’s disease in a way you can understand.  This information is very empowering as it is helpful for every pet you own now or ever will own.  All of your pets will be healthier, not just the patient.

Helpful Info for all Your Pets. In the first appointment Dr Michele reviews information on diet and nutrition, vaccines, and the idea of true cure vs. suppression and palliation by conventional medicine.  It is presented in a very clear and understandable way and will be a gift that lasts forever as it can be used with all current and future pets.

***Great Results. Dr Michele has an 85% success rate as judged by clients for better quality of life and greater longevity, with many patients outliving their conventional prognosis by months or years.

Cure. Unlike conventional medicine, Dr Michele’s objective is cure, such that no symptoms remain, and no medication is needed.  At the end of successful treatment the pet is actually healthier, not just stabilized on meds.

***Any Disorder Treatable. Dr Michele’s practice works extensively with cancer, diabetes, thyroid disease, and other chronic illnesses, but she can treat any condition, whether it has been definitively diagnosed or not.  And she also treats many behavioral problems like aggression, inappropriate elimination, and fears with great success.

***Convenience. 95% of Dr Michele’s appointments are done by phone consultation.  She has patients all over the country, and internationally.  And most emergencies can be handled by phone as well. 

Great Staff.  Many questions and concerns can be easily handled by Dr Michele’s great assistants.  Very friendly and helpful

Team Work with Conventional Vets. Dr Michele believes holistic means using the best of all worlds – conventional, modern medicine and alternative, natural therapies.  Unlike some homeopathic vets Dr Michele can work with cases already on conventional treatments.  Dr Michele works very well with your local, conventional vet.  She welcomes skeptical vets and has an open door policy concerning her practice and treatment of your pet.

Team Work with Pet Owners. The owner is a more vital part of the pet’s health care team with homeopathic treatment than with conventional medicine.   Their participation and observations are crucial to the success of a case.  Also, all interests, concerns, and ideas presented by the pet owner are considered by Dr Michele.  Sometimes a client will hear of a new herb or supplement that may help their pet, and these can be evaluated by Dr Michele for possible inclusion in the treatment plan.

Horses, too. Dr Michele also treats horses by phone consult with owners, very successfully.Aggressive Pets Welcome. Being allowed to roam freely in a private room helps to relax many pets for the first time ever “at the vet’s.”  Many aggressive (actually, just frightened) pets are handled without muzzle or strong restraint for the first time ever! …Often in Dr Michele’s lap!

Dr Michele is available 24/7. How many doctors can claim that these days? This availability often saves hundreds of dollars in conventional emergency veterinary bills, and often provides immediate comfort for both pet and owner. Dr Michele even brings the files of critical cases on vacation with her!

***Less Expensive. The average total cost of long term care for most patients is 50% of conventional care.

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