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Posted on 06-21-2017

Arden, the very happy lab came in for a recheck appointment on 6.21.11. His report? NO seizures. Not one. On one day in the previous month he had a moment of a "vacant look" accompanied by tongue smacking. It lasted about 30 seconds. It could have been a very mild petite mal. It could have been something funky tasting he picked up off the ground. We'll never know. It doesn't matter. He is in a very curative pattern, and I hope almost finished ("graduates" I call these patients). Record speed for a seizure case. I like to tell my clients that I like them, but I hope I don't see them very often!

The rest of the 6.21.11 Arden report -
Still calmer and more even tempered. No longer hyper, just energetic. Starting pet therapy training! Amazing. Left hind lameness is gone. No longer eats family's clothing, just carries it around. Ears are fine. Coat looks and feels softer, sleeker, "like silk."

This case is near finished. Treatment was the next higher potency of the same remedy - Thuja occidentalis 1M, and the next recheck is set for 6 months.

I started this case in January. This is what the process of true cure looks like. Arden's chemistry was like a couch potato who needed to train for a marathon. It takes time for the body to change its physiology. When it does, the change is generally permanent. It is reset to the devine default. Just as when a person's body with a fever returns to 98.6. It tends to stay there as that is the default, until of course, something else interferes with the natural functioning.

So there you have it. An "incurable" disease on its way to nonexistence, via homeopathy, proper diet, supplementation, and mostly accomplished by phone consultation with great team work between doctor and owner. Nice job everyone.

I like Arden's mom. I hope I don't talk to her for a while. : )

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